Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Tiny Mischiefs is a one-person operation behind a silly name. My real name is Korina and I'm an illustrator & a goofball, a graphic designer, official artist for Reddit Collectible Avatars program, and a firm believer that growing up is some sort of a scam.

Creating ‘stuff’ has always been my thing whether it was clothing, accessories, drawing, photography, video editing or graphic design. I even took up writing for a Lithuanian fashion blog that one year way back. More seriously tho, my road to being an independent artist began in 2018 with a gentle push from a loved one when I came up with a funny username and started posting my art to instagram. And thus TinyMischiefs was born.

For art licensing, custom orders & other inquiries, feel free to email me at hello@tinymischiefs.com